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Bakery and Cafe

Joma is a little slice of North American cafe culture transplanted into Southeast Asia, driven by our goal to benefit every person who steps through our doors as well as the people and communities that lay outside them. We love to bring you delicious food and a killer cup of coffee, but that’s not all that drives us to get out of bed in the morning (although the coffee does make our mornings run much more smoothly). At Joma we are all about three things:


Canteen Service

With exceptional standard, high quality food and well disciplined staffs, Joma provides amazing meals everyday for students from different international schools

Menu For HIS

Catering Service

You can also enjoy our food and service at your party with our catering service. You're only one call away!



All of our items are available for large quantity purchase. Tell us what you need, we will surely provide.

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