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April 10, 2017

I discovered Joma Bakery Cafe more than 4 years ago when I first came to Hanoi. Coming from America, I was interested in sampling Vietnamese foods of all kinds in the city, but still found I was missing some of my old favorite American dishes. My first and foremost concern, though, was coffee. Vietnamese coffee is a special experience, and loved by millions, but unfortunately I always find it a bit too strong. Discovering Joma coffee, with its mellow Arabica beans, was a great relief.


From there, I tried several other offerings on the Joma menu - occasionally in the morning I stopped by for their Bagel Egger, which I found always hit the spot- just the right amount of egg, cheese and ham on a soft bun that almost melts in your mouth. In fact I’m sorry I’m out of town at the moment, because I’d love to have one right now! But there’s always next time.


Stopping into Joma for a big cup of coffee, along with refills and one of their tasty soft cinnamon buns, has also been a frequent afternoon treat. Then there are the pies- with a special homemade taste. Apple has been one of my favorites, sometimes topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. And pumpkin pie! I ask the staff to warm it a little, and they also put some whipped cream on top. What a treat! Their pumpkin pie makes you believe the Vietnamese chefs must have grown up in America, eating country cooking from their mother’s oven. I still marvel to see how well they’ve mastered the special down-home-cooking style.

 And I haven’t even mentioned Joma’s amazing cheesecakes. A rich, rich taste with the perfect soft consistency. The crust isn’t too hard or heavy either- just right.


For lighter snacks, I’ve also enjoyed their homemade oatmeal, chocolate chip and mocha chunk cookies. Tasty and reasonably priced.


You can see I enjoy desserts at Joma. But their soups and sandwiches are amazing too. Joma’s seasonal "fall-winter" turkey sandwich boggles the mind. Here are all the ingredients of a big turkey dinner, even dressing with its own special seasoning, brilliantly combined in a sandwich. It’s got to be one of the most creative sandwiches to come along in a long time. And the taste? Unbelievably faithful to what you’d expect when you sit down for a home-cooked holiday dinner. The meat’s so tender, and with soft wholewheat toast and gravy--and even cranberry sauce!-- they haven’t missed anything.

And it doesn't stop there! Joma's reuben sandwich can hold its own with some of New York City’s best. One of my favorites is the BLT. They put generous portions of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on a special toasted bun that has got to be one of the softest and most delicious on the menu. It’s called focaccia bread, and is only used for the BLT. Don’t miss that one!


So I know I’ll be back again and again. Maybe I’ll see you enjoying one too. Hope so. See you soon!

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