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5 Steps to the Perfect Sandwich

March 8, 2017

Have you ever bitten into a sandwich and feel like it’s more of a vegetarian sandwich than the meaty sandwich that you ordered? Have you felt the frustration of desperately wanting a tasty, western-style sandwich to take a break from the usual rice and noodles, but coming out disappointed? ALL I WANTED WAS A GOOD SANDWICH! You feel me?


As a self-proclaimed sandwich lover, I’ve gathered together some key factors that I think make a sandwich great:

  1. I need to be able to see and taste the protein. If I cannot taste it in every bite, I feel ripped off. I do not care if it is pork burger, beef burger, or chicken burger. I just need to see the meat.

  2. I do not want a soggy sandwich. If I wanted one of those, I would have made it myself. The condiments that are put on the bread should not make the bread soggy.

  3. There should be a good balance in the sandwich. I do not want ten cucumbers and one piece of bacon.

  4. I love good bread. Forget the airy white bread from the free hotel breakfast. Give me some substance here, people. Bread that will hold my sandwich together, not get soggy with mayo, but also not overwhelm the perfectly blended tastes sandwiched within those two ends.

  5. If it is going to be toasted it has to be toasted right. The perfect golden-brown crunch requires a careful balance between mushy-soft or burnt-to-a-crisp edges. Too much of either is unacceptable. 

A good sandwich has the right balance between complimentary veggies, a sizable chunk of seasoned meat that you can taste it in every bite, the perfect touch of sauce on the bread, and a properly toasted bread (if not toasted, then a hearty, homemade bread). At Joma, we offer you homemade bread and perfect sandwiches so you won't be disappointed.


What is your perfect sandwich?

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