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First Time's a Charm

February 8, 2017

Have you ever been excited to try a new restaurant and when you finally went, it was a disappointment? Maybe the service was horrible or you had to wait a long time or the food was cold. Whatever it was, it ruined your experience! Well, let me tell you about my first visit to Joma.


My first time to Joma was in Vientiane, Laos at the original location near the Nam Phou fountain. As I walked the streets of downtown Vientiane, I could see the Joma sign from afar. As I opened the door, it felt as if I entered another land. The decor, the music, and the indescribable “Joma Charm” made me feel welcome. I took a look around at the staff. They were all so nice and welcoming! They gave wonderful service for my first visit.

I ordered Joma's best-selling Bagel Egger and a Mango Fruit Shake. Let me tell you, I’ve had a lot of bagel sandwiches before, but I have never had anything like the Bagel Egger at Joma. The toasted bagel was the perfect chewiness with cheddar cheese, fried egg, ham and mayo. It was so great that I wondered how I was going to try something else when I had already just had the best thing on the menu!


All that to say, my first meal at Joma was delightful. They served my drink in about 3 minutes and I got my food in about 8 minutes after that. The service was so fast! I loved that the staff were patient and kind. This is what Joma strives for every single day. To provide the best service in a humble, respectful, and kind way. Even when mistakes do happen, the one thing I know for certain is that “good enough” is not part of their vocabulary as they strive to improve the Joma standard in every way. 




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Cheesesteak for Life

August 29, 2016

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