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Tropical Fruit Blast

November 9, 2016

Oh man. If you know anything about Southeast Asia, you will know about the abundance of tropical fruit. Have you ever heard of “hairy berries”? Yeah, I never heard of it either until I heard westerners use it to call what I know as rambutan. Fruits like papaya, dragon fruit, mango, rambutan, longan, cantaloupe, and sweet pineapple is what we can




find in Southeast Asia. To me, that is what I call a good life. Fresh fruit are my favorite. I grew up eating fresh fruit and love the natural sweetness and juiciness it provides. Then I moved to the US and realized that fresh tropical fruit is quite a luxury when you cannot find them anywhere in the US. Even at the Asian store, sometimes you can find fruits that have been shipped maybe a couple months ago and plastic wrapped to be sold. It looks dead and unappetizing when you are used to fruits that have just been picked from the tree yesterday or even last week when they are fresh and ripe!


Here at Joma we get fresh fruit for our smoothies, cheesecake, yogurt, and our oat French toast. We do not use anything less because we want to serve you the very best food that we can offer, and we know that you know what quality tastes like. Disappointment is not in our vocabulary as we strive to make better food to serve you everyday. When you taste our smoothies you will know for sure that we do not use fruit juice or what should be an illegal amount of syrup.  We want you to be able to taste the mango as if you are eating it instead of drinking it. We want you to taste what Asia’s tropical fruit has to offer.


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Cheesesteak for Life

August 29, 2016

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