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What is Healthy?

September 27, 2016

Veggies and I have never been friends. Cauliflowers are the worst for me. They are weird, bushy, flower looking things that you are supposed to eat? My palate never understood it. Then again, it never understood any veggies. My parents always wondered what happened to my sister and me because vegetables are their favorite (no kidding). My favorite types of vegetables are the ones that I cannot see or taste. Well-cooked and hidden with spices, meat and carbs is how I eat my vegetables and how I stay “healthy.” However, if you are anything like me, Joma might just change your mind.

Joma salads are good, but you may need more of a baby step to a full blown salad. I tried the Veggie and Hummus Plate and boy is it good! Yes, there are fresh veggies: carrots, tomatos, cucumber, bell pepper, and also something that is NOT veggies, toasted focaccia (praise). The focaccia is good, but that’s not my point.


It’s the hummus. OH.MY.WORD. The hummus makes all the difference. Even a veggie-avoider like me would dip a crunchy fresh carrot into that goodness. It is so yummy and the best part is that it's homemade. This means that they use the best chickpeas, their own homemade tahini and all the best quality ingredients to make the hummus superb. I know that I am getting premium quality hummus in SOUTHEAST ASIA (tell me where you can find good, locally-made hummus in Laos, Cambodia, or Vietnam). If you are not a veggie fan, I totally understand. As for the veggie lovers like my parents, you would not want to miss out on this. And for the super veggie fans, this awesome sauce is even VEGAN! So please, everyone, give this a try. Together, lets try to eat healthier.


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Cheesesteak for Life

August 29, 2016

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