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Have you ever been excited to try a new restaurant and when you finally went, it was a disappointment? Maybe the service was horrible or you had to wait a long time or the food was cold. Whatever it was, it ruined your experience! Well, let me tell you about my first v...

Oh man. If you know anything about Southeast Asia, you will know about the abundance of tropical fruit. Have you ever heard of “hairy berries”? Yeah, I never heard of it either until I heard westerners use it to call what I know as rambutan. Fruits like papaya, dragon...

Veggies and I have never been friends. Cauliflowers are the worst for me. They are weird, bushy, flower looking things that you are supposed to eat? My palate never understood it. Then again, it never understood any veggies. My parents always wondered what happened to...

When I first heard of bagel chips, I thought to myself, “How can they take a thick, chewy hunk of bagel and make it into a crispy and light chip?” Well, I'm here to tell you my friends, Joma has figured it out and they are GOOD!

Once you take that first bite, it'...

Confession: I do not remember the last time I ate a cheesesteak. Even if I did, it did not leave an impression on me. Friends, that has just changed. Last week I took a trip to Laos and had a cheesesteak at Joma. It was being promoted in the cafés and on big signs. It...

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Cheesesteak for Life

August 29, 2016

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